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High Podophyllotoxin Producing Hairy Root Line of Linum Album: Influence of Carbohydrates, Temperature and Photoperiod

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 2 ]


Sunita Farkya, Gaurav Rajouria, Vinod Kumar and Virendra S. Bisaria   Pages 134 - 141 ( 8 )


High producing hairy root line of Linum album LYR2i was established following transformation of segments of aseptically grown seedlings with A. rhizogens LBA9402. The transformed cultures showed rapid growth and accumulation of comparatively higher content of podophyllotoxin (PT) and 6-methoxy podophyllotoxin (6-MPT). Hairy root line LYR2i was subjected to various media, carbon sources, temperatures, and photoperiodic conditions to assess their effect for optimum growth and production in shake flask. Only B5 gamborg medium was conducive for growth of hairy root line LYR2i. Sucrose was preferentially consumed by the culture for highest growth and volumetric productivity. Dark conditions supported hairy root growth and continuous light enhanced formation of PT and 6-MPT in growing hairy root line LYR2i. On the basis of above results detailed batch kinetics was established which featured 11.62 g/l of biomass with a volumetric productivity of 11.30 mg/l.d of lignan in Gamborg B5 medium supplemented with 30 g/L sucrose under 16/8 light/dark regime at 25°C ±1°C.


Agrobacterium, hairy roots, Linum album, podophyllotoxin, transformation, carbohydrate, specific growth rate, specific productivity, volumetric productivity, growth index, doubling time, tumor, 6-methoxy podophyllotoxin, photoperiod.


Department of Education in Science and Mathematics, National Institute of Education, NCERT, New Delhi – 110016, India.

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